Business Support Centre for Small and Medium Enterprises

Business Incubator I

The Business Incubator I (PHARE Program for 140 000 EURO) offers favourable conditions for the start-up of newly established production businesses. It was inaugurated on 28th Jan 1997 with 4 companies and 14 employees at the start. Totally there are 14 firms with 90 employees that have started in Incubator.

CREDO Programme

Financed by the European Union’s Phare Programme, the Credo Programme is a multi-country grant scheme for cross-border cooperation projects between CEC-CEC (central & eastern European countries) and CEC-NIS (New Independent States) border regions. The objective of the Credo Programme is to promote good neighbourliness, social stability and economic development in the border regions by providing funding for projects, which yield tangible benefits to both sides of the border.

Since July 1997 a team of specialists of the Business Support Centre started working on CREDO Programme (12 050 USD) since the Business Centre has been designated as an Interim Secretariat and Contracting Organization of the crossborder region Bulgaria - Romania. For that purpose this team established contacts with all concerned municipalities on the Bulgarian side and is at their disposal for further information, explanations and assistance till the submission of the projects from Ruse, Silistra, Vidin, Vratsa, Oriahovo (7 projects at a total of 180 000 EURO) and further in the course of their execution.

PHARE Micro Projects

On 28th February 2001 a project financed by PHARE_micro Projects Program of the European Union has terminated. The project “Development of Services Supporting the Export Activities of Local Companies” with budget of 13 674 EURO was implemented by the Business Support Centre for SMEs in Ruse in partnership with the Ruse Industrial Association. For the time of the project duration a number of 100 Certificate of Origin were issued. The positive part of this project is its sustainability- the partners continue to develop and improve the existing service pack supporting the export activities of the local companies even after the project termination.

Other PHARE Programme projects

  • 1997 – Establishment of a permanent exhibition facility;
  • 1998 – “ELIT SAT” – satellite duplex Internet server;
  • 1998 – “ELIT S” – Internet provider;
  • 2004-2005 – PHARE Social Inclusion – Project: Social Enterprise “Give Us a Chance”, project total 48 000 EUR, from which 42 000 EUR were received by PHARE Programme. The Business Support Center has always shown active social position. It has helped to NGOs working with risk groups to develop projects and create employment. The project was implemented together with the NGO “Smelost”, the regional Psychiatric Clinic and other stakeholders. The project has created employment to 100 people with physical and mental disabilities marketing their products in a special shop. It has also established a Social Fund in order to help those of them whose condition does not allow them to work.