Business Support Centre for Small and Medium Enterprises

Senior Experten Service Programme

SES – Senior Experten Service – since April 2010, BSC SME is the official representative of SES Programme for the regions Ruse, Razgrad, Silistra and Svishtov. SES supports small and medium enterprises by providing senior experts, which after finishing their active professional life have joined the programme to grant their knowledge and experience for free.

Machine Leasing Programme and Business Incubator

On 30th September 1998 in Vienna have been held talks about the latest details of the two projects of the Austrian Government. It grants to the Business Centre 1 000 000 USD for establishing of Business Incubator II (Program for 400 000 USD) and a Machine Leasing System (600 000 USD). At the same moment the Austrian Company that will work together with the BSC and will do the control on behalf of the Austrian Government was chosen.

The machine leasing system (MLS) started operating in June 1999 with the financial support from the Austrian Government. In June 2000 the Machine Leasing Department began dealing with the leasing and credit agreements of Business Incubator Programme. In August 2000 the Machine Leasing Department is transformed in the company BC Leasing Ruse Ltd.

For the needs of Business Incubator II (BI) project the Municipality of Ruse has provided a building of covered area of 2 500 sq.m for free for a period of 10 years. The first companies started in May 2000 after the reconstruction and adapting of the building have been finished.

Till mid 2009, 136 leasing and loan contracts were financed for the amount of 2 466 000 BGN (~ 1 233 000 €).

The tendencies in the development of the second Business Incubator are set up in the development of the initial project and its implementation. The only idea that has undergone changes was the incubation period. The tenants are not forced to leave the incubator – they could remain in the Incubator until they decide on their own to move out and continue their activity in another place.

Business Component of the World Bank Project “Wetlands Restoration and Pollution Reduction Project”

The Wetlands Restoration and Pollution Reduction Project, which started in 2002, covers the territories of Natural Park “Persina” and “Kalimok/Brashlian”, including Ruse Region. The project has been financed by the World Bank. The business component of the project is financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Austrian Government and its aim is to support the sustainable development, creation of jobs, providing conditions for starting business and permanent employment through supporting the organic farming, food processing industry and the creation of cluster structures.
The overall amount of the project is 250 000 EUR. The access to the services is meant only for small and medium size enterprises and farmers. They will be supported only for production and processing of organic products, as well as for ecological farming.
Till mid 2006, 72 loan contracts of agricultural producers have been financed.

PLEDGE Programme Guarantee Fund

In 2001 a Guarantee Fund was established, project total 105 000 BGN (50 000 USD), which was financed by PLEDGE Program of the US Department of Labour.
In 2001 as a result of the process development of PLEDGE Program of the US Department of Labor a project, aiming at establishment of a Guarantee Fund, was approved for financing. The Fund budget allocated by PLEDGE Programme is 50 000$. The Business Support Centre for SMEs is a leading partner for this project. The Fund started to work actively since the beginning of October 2001. Till mid 2009, 38 guarantees have been given to companies, applying for a bank loan.

NMCP/PUM Senior Experts Programme

NMCP/PUM Senior Experts Program of the Dutch Ministry of Economy – since 1996 until the end of the programme in Bulgaria after the country’s accession to the EU, the Business Support Centre for SMEs has been a regional representative of the program for 10 years. It has provided Dutch senior consultants to interested Bulgarian companies in order to solve their specific problems and increase their competitiveness.