Business Support Centre for Small and Medium Enterprises

The main purpose of the Business Support Centre - Rousse is to support by all available means the business in the city, especially the small and medium scale businesses from Rousse and the region, and to stimulate their development, as well as to co-ordinate, incorporate and complement the activity of all those organization and structures, assisting to the small and medium scale business, and to establish contacts on local level, concerning:

  • contacts, orientated to normal communications between the organization and structures, assisting the small and medium scale business, on local level, and also between those and similar ones from the other regions of the country and from abroad.
  • facilitating the contacts between the small and medium scale businesses and the above mentioned structures and organizations, concerning problem definition, information support and orientating to a certain structure or resolving in the Business Centre itself of the problem in case it is within the Centre's competence.
  • facilitating of the contacts between the companies themselves for mutual solving of certain problems or problems on principle.