Business Support Centre for Small and Medium Enterprises

Our Clients

Small and medium scale private, state-owned and municipality -owned companies from Rousse and from the region.

SME Business Support Centre has made its own Data Base of the companies, that have been in contact so far with us and which have used our expertise and assistance under various forms. The number of companies maintaining close links with us is around 350.

Manufacturers in the majority in the following sectors: construction, chemical industry, electronics and electrical engineering, trade, transport, agriculture, food industry, machine building, woodworking (furniture) , leather industry, textiles, hardware and software, advertising.

Great part of the companies, we work in close relation with, have participated in our seminars and keep consulting our experts. Some were assisted by us in finding expertise by foreign experts concerning production and technical problems and ISO 9000 certification.

Most of the companies are looking for partners from abroad for cooperation in production, partnership on C.M.T. basis, for establishment of joint ventures and for export of their products.

Some of our customers dispose of their own land and/or buildings, which they offer to foreign investors, incl. for joint activity.

Due to the specific situation with the banks in the country almost all companies suffer from lack of working capital and investment loans and we are often addressed by them for assistance.